The Billy Corgan Wrestling League And Tea House?!

Seems Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan is still broadening his horizons, career-wise. Corgan, 44, launched the indie wrestling league Resistance Pro back in November and last night, Harry Smith was crowned the league's champion after defeating The Sheik and Kevin Steen at ECW Arena.

Sadly, it may be the last wrestling event to be held at the venue, as new ownership plan to move in an entirely different direction, whatever that means.

Corgan, meanwhile, still has his hands full with the opening of his 1930's-era Chinese tea house in Highland Park, which is set for a March/April grand opening. Corgan is hoping to provide an alternative to Starbucks, which he calls "cookie-cutter culture".

We'll keep you abreast of further developments in Corgan's latest ventures, so stay tuned!

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