New Releases: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters - Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free

Ministry's Al Jourgenson properly releases this long-in-the-works country album that isn't as much of a novelty record as you'd think. Truth be told, the guy's got country chops out the wazoo and the songs are actually some of the best actual songs he's been a part of in a decade plus. If that weren't enough to investigate further, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen's guitar work is all over this record.

The Byrds - Original Album Classics (re-issue)

It's a damn shame that most people are only familiar with the band's Dylan covers and have totally missed out on their gem-laden late-60s/early 70s output, which was essentially a template for the entire genre that remains such a vital part of the Chicago (and Austin) music scenes. This 5-disc re-issue (which is a total steal for the price of $26.99) compiles Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde, Ballad Of Easy Rider, Byrdmaniax and Farther Along. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto Deluxe Edition

For those who didn't get enough of Coldplay with the initial release of their latest platter, this deulxe edition arrives just in time to suck some serious cash from your account. For the asking price of $85, diehard Coldplay fans get a 64-page, 12" X 12" hardback book, containing graffiti pop-up art designed by David A. Carter, 180-gram heavyweight graffiti picture disc LP (exclusive to this edition) as well as a CD version of the album, a selection of stickers and stencils, and a 36" X 12" color poster of the band's graffiti wall.

Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat The Factory

Those craving a heavy dose of vintage 90's alt.pop need look no further than this album, which marks the return of GBV's classic line-up after a 15-year hiatus. The songs are the best that Pollard has written in almost that long, too. Cannot say enough good things about this record, which will surely end up on many Best of 2012 lists.

Jesse Baylin - Little Spark

Not to be confused with male rocker Jesse Malin, this female pop chanteuse has a striking voice and a musical style that beautifully recalls Laurel Canyon folk-pop, while bringing enough of a modern update to make it so much more than a simple homage to those greats that came before. This could be the next Sheryl Crow.

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