Guilty Pleasure: Jack White On "American Pickers"

Lord, do I hate most of these "picking through other people's trash" reality shows (including the ones where people by abandoned storage spaces), but the other night, I was thoroughly geeked to catch Jack White on "American Pickers".

Granted, "American Pickers" is probably the most tolerable show of this ilk, but what I found so watchable was the exchange between Jack White and the pickers who had delivered an elephant's head to the rock guitarist's record label/recording studio warehouse in Nashville. Rather than simply drop it off, though, the pair soon found themselves bartering, with Jack White offering to throw in an old Woolworth's photo booth and a jukebox in lieu of cash.

For those of us who'd kill to have an old-school jukebox, much less Jack White's jukebox, this was MUST-SEE TV.


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