Mandatory Viewing: Noel Gallagher Interview from Coachella 2012

Truth be told, this year's Coachella Festival was one of the best in the festival's history. A metric shit-ton of great bands hit the stage, but the most essential twelve minutes of the festival went on behind closed doors and, as of this writing, has received less than 500 views.

The twelve minutes in question comes from former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, who played the festival to support his first solo effort. Noel has always been a great interview, initially as a rebellious up & comer, but now as a wise elder statesman of rock & roll who fookin' tells it like it is.

The shear amount of knowledge and wisdom he dropped in this interview that is applicable to ANYONE WHO PICKS UP AN INSTRUMENT OR PLAYS IN A BAND. It really fookin' is. Give us twelve minutes and if you're not fully convinced Noel Gallagher is the real fookin' deal, we'll give you your money back.

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