Anyone Catch Axl Rose On The Jimmy Kimmel Show Last Night?

Legendary recluse Axl Rose made a rare public appearance last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Looking freshly botoxed and relatively at ease, the mercurial singer joked along with Kimmel about his legendary penchant for tardiness. Those expecting a hard-hitting interview, of course, came to the wrong place as Kimmel peppered Axl with a dozen or so soft lobs, which Rose handled with relatively jovial aplomb. Those wondering why the notoriously press-shy singer would agree to appear on Kimmel's show need only make note of the sizable stack of tickets yet to be sold for Guns 'n' Roses' 12-night Vegas residency at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that begins on Halloween night.

Obviously under the impression he was on Oprah's show, Axl asked the audience to look under their seats for a pair of GNR tickets and a coupon for a free hamburger from the Tommy's Burger truck he'd brought with him.

All in all, a pleasant, if uneventful night was had by all.

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