Daredevil Pedal Of The Day: The Gold Leader

Today's featured Daredevil Pedal is the Gold Leader, which is their interpretation of the revered Silicon Fuzz Face, which gazillions of others have cloned, but never quite like this. What makes this Daredevil Pedal worth adding to your rig is the structure and control of the fuzz that this pedal gives you. What we always found annoying about other versions of this pedal was that, while they gave you plenty of psychedelic fuzz, it was always hard to keep the mighty fuzz in check. Thus, it was less than desirable for recording purposes.

With the Gold Leader, you can unleash the fury, so to speak, both onstage and in the studio and get the same uniform results.

As for the fuzz itself, it's a meaty fuzz that cuts right through a thick rhythm section and finds its rightful place in the mix. That, in our estimation, makes it more than worth the very reasonable price of admission.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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