Daredevil Pedal Of The Day: The Red 5 Distortion Pedal!

We at Superior St. are HUGE fans of The Last Vegas. Aside from the fact that they're long-time clients, we simply adore their dedication to bringing the rock. Whether you dig them as much as we do or not, one simply cannot deny that they've got some of the baddest and phattest guitar tones of any band on the planet. You might think that you can only get those kinda tones by working with some heavyweight producer in a $500-per-hour recording studio where the engineers do lines of cocaine off of the Neve console.

That's certainly one way of capturing some tremendous tone, but The Last Vegas' guitarist John Wator offers up a much more affordable option by unleashing his own line of guitar pedals built by hand right here in Chicago. His company is called Daredevil Pedals and, after giving a few of these pedals a try, we are flat-out blown away by the stellar sounds these pedals put out. Don't believe us? Try 'em out for yourself, as the full line can be found at Chicago Music Exchange.

Since we love these pedals and want the world to know about this great Chicago-based company, this week we're going to feature one of our favorite Daredevil Pedals each day.

Today's fave pedal is the Red 5, which gives you a lacerating distortion that is very reminiscent of that early 90's alterna-rock sound made famous by Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, among others.

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