The Shit List: Our Favorite Gifts For Musicians And Music Lovers!

1. Marshall Amplifier Mini-Fridge (

We have yet to meet a musician whose eyes didn't light up at the sight of this supremely awesome min-fridge.  Priced at $399, this might be a little pricier than your usual dorm fridge, but when you see the detail of this mini fridge modelled on a Marshal Amp half-stack, right down to the same knobs, fret cloth and legendary Marshall logo plates used on actual Marshall amps.

2. Numark USB Turntable (

In our humble opinion, this is the best $100 a music lover can spend, as it allows you to transfer all of your vinyl to digital files to take with you everywhere, since, last time we checked, it's darn-near impossible for those of us constantly on-the-go to listen to music on a turntable.  Numark has become the leading name in USB turntables simply because the quality that goes into their USB turntables is enough to make one wonder how they're able to price them so affordably.  Best of all, you can walk into just about any Best Buy and grab one of these.

3. Pick Punch (

Let's face it, if you're a guitarist, no matter how many picks you THINK you have, there will invariably be a situation when you come up empty and WISH you had a guitar pick.  Heck, it could be in the middle of a gig.  If you had a Pick Punch, though, you'd be able to make a professional quality pick out of just about any thin piece of plastic - like those spent gift cards, debit cards and coffee shop punch cards taking up space in your wallet.  Of course, you can also buy plastic sheets directly from the fine folks at Pick Punch, too.  The Pick Punch itself is a great deal at only $24.95 and is small enough to fit in most gig bags for maximum convenience.

4. Jammin John's Guitar-Shaped Toilet Seat (

If it's good enough for Wille Nelson, it's good enough for me.  Jammin' John's brings us a variety of guitar-shaped toilet seats for the musician who sleeps, eats and, uh, poops guitar.  They also list Willie as a user of their guitar-shaped toilet seats, which are available at the price of $199.

5. ThinkGeek Playable Drum Set T-Shirt (

Most drummers, or wanna-be drummers, are always tapping on something.  With this t-shirt, the drummer in your life will be able to tap out a great-sounding beat with this playable drum set t-shirt that features five playable drums and two cymbals for a full drum-set effect.  What makes it all the more awesome is the price: $19.99 (On Sale!).  There is also a playable guitar t-shirt, but, sadly, the vintage synth t-shirt they sold last holiday season is no longer available.

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