What Band Does That Song in the Google Chromebook Commercial?!

We dunno about you, but every time that Google Chromebook commercial comes on, we have to rush to find the remote to either hit "mute" or change the channel entirely.

The Death Set: 
It's like the ad team that Google entrusted to promote their new line of $249 laptops decided to go with the "you can never be too annoying" approach.  Maybe on its own terms, the song wouldn't be so bad, but it is used in conjunction with a series of hyperactive, fast-cut visuals that combine to make me want to give Google nothing more than a defiant middle finger for subjecting me to this assault on the senses.

To add insult to injury, the spot airs literally once every commercial break during just about any show or sporting event you may be watching.

Oh, but what's the song, you ask?

The aptly-titled tune is called "Negative Thinking" and is performed by an Australian punk band called the Death Set.  The song can be found on their 2008 album, Worldwide.

Here's the thing, the Death Set aren't really all that bad.  Their latest record, Michel Poiccard, is actually a very accomplished mish-mash of punk energy and atmospheric synth-rock that shows a sizable maturity in the songwriting department, all of which came after the death of founding member Beau Velasco in 2009.

The album itself - not to mention the song "I Miss You Beau Velasco" - is a loving tribute to their fallen band mate, drawing comparisons to fellow Aussies AC/DC (who picked up the pieces in the wake of Bon Scott's death and created their best-known album, Back In Black).

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