Mysterious Photo Of Van Halen In Studio, What Does It Mean?!

Yesterday, reps from the Van Halen camp emailed a photo to various well-respected press contacts (of which we were one, stop laughing), as well as certain social networks under mysterious circumstances.

What does it mean?

Judging from the recent interview David Lee Roth conducted with Rolling Stone, Roth knows of no activity in the Van Halen camp.  So, why the photo?

Well, a little birdy in the VH camp tells us that Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang (sigh, I still can't believe they ditched Michael Anthony like that) are recording music for... the next big movie by a certain metallic superhero from the DC Comics universe.

The song has rough vocals by Eddie and Wolfgang, but whether it ends up becoming a Van Halen song or is sung by someone else remains up in the air as we speak.

Should be interesting once Diamond Dave finds out about this.

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