Is The New Bob Schneider CD "Burden Of Proof" THE SHIT Or Just Shit?

Easily one of the hardest working men in Austin, TX, if not all of "Show Business", Bob Schneider is also one prolific mother. Burden Of Proof, his sixteenth solo album, comes less than two years after the masterful A Perfect Day.  For longtime fans, it was the final touch on a template he'd been tweaking since '98.

Schneider delivers the goods
on his first "openly adult" album.
Rather than stick to the formula and/or rest on his considerable laurels, the 47-year-old Schneider (left) eschews a very profitable template for a fresh canvas and an eye on getting to know that strange old man in the mirror.

With a voice that can often stray a little too close to Dave Matthews and John Mayer for my own personal taste (your mileage may vary), the songs on Burden Of Proof make up for any such surface similarities.

At this juncture, both Mayer and Matthews would kill to be able to write a song like "Wish The Wind Would Blow Me", cheesy title notwithstanding.  As for the overdose of Autotune that mars the otherwise notable "John Lennon", it is the only kinda-sorta sell-out move on an album that deserves to be a mega-hit on its own merits and the level of respect and awe Schneider continues to pay to melody and mood.

VERDICT: This one's THE SHIT.  Buy two copies and give one to a friend!

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