So Much For The Violent Femmes Reunion Gig At Riot Fest!

This just in from Violent Femmes drummer Victor DiLorenzo:

"It's always hard to write a eulogy for a lost loved one. In this case, I sadly lament the loss of a dream and an ideal that was once Violent Femmes.

When I first heard the news about the possibility of the original Violent Femmes reuniting, I was excited that once again our group might be able to play music for the fans that love us and for the new fans that have never had the chance to see us create the music live. The only conditions that I had were that the three of us move forward to repair our relationships within the band, and that we would strive to attain a fair business agreement that would reflect a new way of handling the business that wouldn't be 'business as usual.' Sadly, my open-hearted approach to finding a way to move forward wasn't shared by Violent Femmes. What was finally being offered to me was, 'business as usual,' with a great deal of disrespect, dishonesty and greed.

After having found out that the promoters of our recent concerts weren't interested in booking our group unless it was, 'the reunion of the original band,' I spoke to two of the biggest concert promoters in the world that handled two of our shows, and they told me directly that this was true. So it confuses me that fans and the promoters see the value in presenting the original band, but not the band itself. I realize that I'm no longer part of the copyright after having given up my business interest in Violent Femmes years ago, but I will always be part of the birthright of Violent Femmes, for which I will always be very proud! I'm sorry and I apologize that the fans, promoters and agents won't get to see the Violent Femmes show that was being offered and that people bought tickets to see.

As John Lennon once said, 'the dream is over.' In regards to my history with Violent Femmes, the dream never quite got there.

So on the evening of June 26th, 2013, on the stage of the Marcus Amphitheater at Summerfest, I gave to the world my last performance with Violent Femmes. Milwaukee, we were yours for the night, and now forever!

Sincerely and with warm regards,

Victor DeLorenzo"

As much as I respect the Violent Femmes for the level of success they achieved despite being, well, HORRIBLE fucking musicians - arguably the most important component of the punk aesthetic - I'm having a hard time figuring out why Victor DiLorenzo, arguably the worst drummer to ever have a mental breakdown over the prospect of being paid huge amounts of money to play a big-time festival gig, is quitting Violent Femmes AGAIN.

I mean, is he suddenly surprised all over again that Gordan Gano's an a-hole?  And why the fuck would he relinquish ownership of his portion of the band's copyright?  Was he drunk when he agreed to that?  If not, he's an idiot.  I mean, you can quit the band, even sell your drums on Craigslist, but you NEVER give up ownership of your copyright.  Hell, why do you think Steve Perry is still drawing a paycheck anytime Journey plays a show despite not having performed with the band in ages?

Makes absolutely no fucking sense.

Of course, this means that those who bought tickets to Riot Fest (taking place in Humboldt Park Sept 13-14-15) to see a "reunited Violent Femmes" will have to settle for 2/3 of the band and Dresdon Dolls drummer Bryan Viglione subbing for DiLorenzo.  

It's one thing to be dissatisfied by the less-than-ideal circumstances that DiLorenzo helped create by expecting others to do the "honorable thing", but none of this is reason enough to bail on the show.  Whether you;re in a punk band, or Journey, the professional thing to do is to honor your commitments and play the shows you've agreed to pay, no matter how big a jerk Gordan Gano or Brian Ritchie may be at any given moment.  I hate to say it, but DiLorenzo is the one pulling the ultimate dick move of all by taking his ball and going home.

If you cared about the fans, Victor, you'd play the shows.

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