This Weekend's Must-See Rock Shows!


KMFDM at Bottom Lounge 7PM
Tickets: $30

This former Wax Trax! act doesn't simply rest on their past accomplishments, which are many, but continue to forge ahead with ex-Drill singer Lucia Cifarelli joining group founder Sascha Konietzko to take KMFDM slashing like a hot knife through butter into the second phase of their career.

Their latest album, Kunst (German for "art") shows Sasha and Lucia continuing to challenge the set boundaries of industrial music by embracing brutality and melody in equal amounts.  The result is a live show that will have you chanting along to one monstrous anthem after another as the band continues to push the musical envelope at every turn.  Those who think they've heard all that KMFDM have to offer stand to miss one of the absolute best live acts on the industrial scene, but those of us who know better will be there with bells on.

Iris DeMent at SPACE, Evanston 8PM
Tickets: $36

If introspective folk music delivered by a true master of the genre is more your speed, then you've probably already secured tickets to see Iris DeMent at Space.  With her first album of new original material in sixteen years, Sing The Delta, DeMent is in the midst of a career revival that sees her peaking as both a singer and a songwriter capable of delivering a real sense of urgency with just a guitar and her voice.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters at Reggie's Rock Club 8PM
Tickets: $15-$18

If you're one of those folks who was heavy into the ska-punk movement during its brief nineties commercial peak, but haven't thought much about it since, oh the great music you've been missing.  Those looking to get back on the horse won't want to miss this Friday night gathering of two of the genre's best bands; Riverside, California's Voodoo Glow Skulls and "third-wave" ska legends The Toasters.

You sure as hell can't beat the ticket price.


Those Darlins at Schubas 10PM
Tickets: $12-$14

If you've longed to find a female-led garage rock band that gets down and dirty with the boys, kind of like the Replacements if Corey Parks (from Nashville Pussy) was playing bass, then you owe it to yourself to haul ass down to Schubas to catch one of the most entertaining live bands on the garage scene.  Go now, thank us later!

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