Awesome Deal Of The Day: Jensen "Throwback" Stereo System With CD, Cassette, AM/FM Radio & More For Less Than $85 To Your Door!!

Awesome Deal Of The Day

If you're anything like me, your constantly scouring the local record stores for great deals on vinyl, but every so often, you come across something you've been looking for for ages, but you found a boatload of cool cassingles for dirt cheap and the last tape player you owned was bolted onto a mid-90's Toyota Camry that gave up the ghost ages ago.

Or maybe you're one of those people who live on a shoestring budget and haven't been ableto find the right deal on a new turntable.  After all, you can't just buy a turntable without also investing in speakers, a deent power amp, etc.

Well, problem solved!

Amazon has a GREAT deal on a complete Jensen JENJTA475 "throwback" stereo system.  By that, we mean you get not only a 3-speed turntable, CD player, AM/FM radio, and cassette player - YES, a cassette player.  It also comes with a set of speakers and a remote for the CD player (doesn't control any other component of the system, but does have volume control).

It's not a top-flight stereo system, by any stretch, but it provides we thrift geeks the ability to hear all that cool vintage vinyl and cassette treasure we are bound to find for chump change around town.

Not bad for less than $85!

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