The Weekend In Music: Kate Nash, Psychic TV, Cowboy Junkies and My Bloody Valentine


Kate Nash @ Metro 8PM
Tickets: $21

After her impressive sold-out show at the Double Door back in August, Nash has been bumped up to the larger room Metro for tonight's show.  Touring with an all-female backing band in support of her excellent Girl Talk album, Nash is truly coming into her own as a performer and each visit to our fair city seems to mark a dramatic leap forward as a performer.  On the surface, she's equal parts Tracey Ullman, Tony Basil and Kirsty Maccoll, but dig a little deeper and you find a visionary artist capable of competing with the Katy Gaga's of the uber-pop world, but chooses to connect with her audience on a more compelling personal level.  The result is a show that will stick with you long after the music stops.  If you're one of those folks who always feels they miss out on seeing important artists at the point of takeoff, you owe it to yourself to change that precedent by procuring a ticket to this show before they're all gone.

Psychic TV @ Reggie's Rock Club 8PM
Tickets: $25

As one of the most genre-bending artists of the last thirty years, Psychic TV's Genesis P-Orridge has seen it all, done it all, and is now coming back to reconnect with longtime fans and initiate a whole new generation of adventurous music fans to the genius that is Psychic TV.  We would also suggest that anyone with eyes check out P-Orridge's amazing recent interview in 'Syup Magazine.


Cowboy Junkies @ SPACE 7:30PM (sold out) and 10PM
Tickets: $28 and up

Even if all you know and/or remember about the Cowboy Junkies is their brilliant cover of the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" from the landmark album The Trinity Sessions, there is an otherworldly consistency to the band's career output and live performances that ensures a spellbinding evening for all who attend.  Margo Timmins' voice is even more resonant and assured and the band has carved out an admirable niche without making one single concession to the commercial music industry.  Their down-to-earth nature and the supreme joy they take in making music will make you rethink you're whole approach to music as well.


My Bloody Valentine @ Aragon Ballroom 7:30PM
Tickets: $32

For all the adulation heaped upon this iconic shoegaze band, there was absolutely no reason to believe tha they'd ever follow through on Kevin Shields' promises to release another album. After all, the La's have been promising the same thing for just as long.  So when mbv arrived in record stores earlier this year, it was with a certain amount of hesitation (fearing a shoegaze Chinese Democracy perhaps) that we listened to the first new My Bloody Valentine music in over twenty years, only to realize within moments that not only had they returned to active duty, but finally delivered on all the greatness that their previous work had only hinted at.

We have only two things to say about their Aragon show:

1. Bring ear plugs.
2. How the fuck are there still tickets available?!  This is My Bloody Valentine, for fuck's sake.

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