Five Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For The Guitarist In Your Life!

Sun Records Guitar Fly Swatter

There are no two words more packed with old school coolness than "Sun Records" so what better way to slay the hipster in your life than with this super-cool Sun Records fly swatter?  Did we mention it was only $3.95?  How awesome is that?  This guitar-shaped chunk of plastic packs enough punch to send any flying pest within arm's reach to an early grave, but something tells me few people will actually use this for that.

Nanoblock Electric Guitar

Who doesn't love Nanoblocks?  The company's new line of challenging 3-D block puzzles now come in a variety of guitar shapes.  Price: $12.  Psst, they also have a drum set puzzle, which is awesome.

Guitar-Shaped Cutting Board

We know more than a few musicians who really cook, but for that special musician who can actually cook in the kitchen, what cooler thing to add to their chef arsenal than this guitar-shaped bamboo cutting board. We actually find the neck of the guitar to be perfect for our hands, giving us just the leverage and mobility we need when chopping Ramen.  Ha ha, sigh.

These are awesome and perfect for the holidays, but, let's face it, the cool part is you can leave these lights up year-round, which means you never have to take 'em down.  Win/win.

Metal Guitar Desk Fan

This one's kinda kitschy and is definitely for the "price is no object" crowd at $60.  Having said this, it is quite eye-catching and bound to be a conversation-starter.  The power of the fan itself is a step up from that which you'd find in most traditional desktop computers.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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