Song Of The Day: Smoke Off Vinyl "Shindig"!

Chicago is a unique musical town in that on any given night, whether it be June or January, there are literally a thousand bands going for broke in some dive bar or rehearsal space within the city limits.  Sadly, most of it is heard by only the makers of said music, a chosen few family and friends, and whatever bar staff happen to be on-duty at the time.

One thinks of all the bands whose spirit was broken by the walls of indifference, the drudgery of being a band in a city with more bands than alley rats, all fighting for crumbs while a chosen few get a majority of the pie.

No other band symbolizes the plight of undiscovered greatness than Smoke Off Vinyl and their staggeringly awesome tune "Shindig", performed here at the late great Cal's Liquors.

Those wanting to hear more should check out S.O.V.'s Bandcamp page.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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