Just Announced: Monsters Of Rock "Hell On Water" Cruise!!

After enjoying quite a few chuckles at the faux-Coachella line-up posters making the rounds on Facebook as of late, quite frankly, I was all chuckled out.  Then I caught sight of the line-up poster for something called the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and enjoyed the sort of belly laugh one reserves for true comedic genius.

Then I found out that this event was REAL and that Great White were slated to perform at the event, at which point this suddenly wasn't funny anymore.

See, back in February 2003, Jack White's Great White showed up in Warwick, Rhode Island to play the moderately-sized Station nightclub with enough pyrotechnics to level a football stadium.  The result was the death of 100 concertgoers and the injury of over 200 others.

As one might imagine, any band affiliated with such a horrific event might never work again, so color this writer surprised that not only has Great White continued to tour prolifically in the eleven years following this tragedy, but even crazier is the fact that anyone aware of The Station nightclub fire would ever willingly attend a Great White performance...much less one on a cruise ship.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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