Song of The Day: How Does It Feel To Feel

On this date in 1997, Kenny Pickett, singer for the British garage rockers The Creation passed away, which got me thinking about this short-lived, but influential band's career, which then got me thinking about the numerous bands that have covered their songs over the years.  Lords Of The New Church covered "Makin' Time", Boney M. had a European hit with "Painter Man", and two of our favorite bands - Ride and The Godfathers - covered "How Does It Feel To Feel" in the '90s.

The Godfathers tackled the song in 1991 on their impressive third and final record for Epic Records, Unreal World. In addition to blistering originals such as "I Love Whats Happening To Me" and the title track, the album also featured an inspired version of "How Does It Feel To Feel" that comes darn close to matching the ferocity of the original.

Three years later, shoegaze band Ride took a stab at the track, either completely unaware that the 'Fathers had already covered the track or presuming nobody else remembered.  Other than being slightly faster than the Godfathers' version, Ride's version seems to be quite similar in delivery.

To our ears, though, the Godfathers' version was better.

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