The Saddest Part Of The Whole Guns 'n' Roses Helicopter Ride Story!

Guns 'n' Roses, left to right, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash.  DJ Ashba not pictured for obvious reasons
The first time I heard the local news tease the story "Las Vegas police officer in hot water for role in Guns 'n' Roses helicopter marriage proposal", I admit to being mildly intrigued.  I couldn't help wonder which iconic member of the legendary Hollywood rock band was getting hitched.  I knew it wasn't Axl, but I also recalled that Slash was already happily married, as was Duff McKagan.  Heck, even Tommy Stinson, who will always be a "Replacement" member of the band in my eyes, has been off-the-market for some time.

So imagine my surprise when the GNR member-in-question, for whom the Las Vegas Police Department rolled out the red carpet celebrity treatment, was none other than...DJ Ashba?

DJ Ashba
That some poor schmuck in the P.D., who eventually caught a lot of flack and was ultimately forced to retire early rather than face a formal inquiry into his actions, did this for a "member" of Guns and Roses that 9.5 out of ten fans of the band couldn't name if their lives depended on it just confirms the fact that otherwise intelligent people sure do get excited by the prospect of rubbing shoulders with a celebrity.

They hear the words "Guns 'n' Roses" and suddenly keys to the city are being handed out without anybody actually checking credentials.  DJ Ashba may be a nice guy, but he's no celebrity.  It wasn't the dropping of his name that got him that helicopter ride, it was the name "Guns 'n' Roses".  Of course, what makes the blowback received by Las Vegas police Captain David O'Leary all the more sad, is that it wasn't even a real member of Guns 'n' Roses.

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