Here's Mary Lambert Performing "Body Love" In An Empty Field. You're Welcome!

The idea that even one impressionable young female mind might possibly take her relational or self-image cues from someone like Taylor Swift is enough to keep most parents up nights, but then you realize that there are undoubtedly millions who already do and suddenly sleep doesn't come s easy anymore.

A friend's teenage daughter is so convinced that Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are what "normal women" look like that she has taken to secretly vomiting after every meal.  The other day, she sent an email to a local plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation.

When her parents found out, the heated discussion that followed shed some much-needed light on how young women truly feel about themselves.

"The thing is, she's not even trying to look good so that boys will like her, but so that other girls will accept her," my friend explained.  "Women have been complaining for ages about how men are constantly forcing them to become so fixated on their appearance, but the truth is that other women are the ones creating these completely unrealistic ideals and young girls don't know enough to call bullshit."

Thankfully, there's Mary Lambert and her amazing song "Body Love", which succinctly puts everything in its proper perspective.

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