Is Today The Biggest, Most Historical Day In Music Ever?

Sure, there are other notable dates in music history, where one notable event takes place, but never in the history of mankind has so much musical history taken place on a single day.

For starters, it was on this day in 1958 that a young George Harrison (far right) joined The Quarrymen.

On this date in 1965, The Righteous Brothers hit #1 with "You've Lost That Loving Feeling".  Flash trivia question: Who produced that song?

In 1982, Kraftwerk hit #1 in the UK with their double A-sided single "The Model"/"Computer Love".  The idea of living in a world where Kraftwerk were chart-toppers must have been too much for most people because it never happened again.  Meanwhile, here in the U.S., The J. Geils band was at #1 with "Centerfold".

On this day in 1990, Billy Idol blew a stop sign on his motorbike and broadsided an automobile, severely breaking his leg.  Still unable to walk by the time his new album, Charmed Life, was released, Idol was only shot from the waist up in his new video for "Cradle Of Love".

That same day, over 200 women brought accusations against Chuck Berry for secretly filming them in the restroom of his restaurant, The Southern Air.  He would settle out of court with 59 of his accusers for a total sum of $1.2 million plus court costs.

On this day in 1998, Beach Boys founding member Carl Wilson died after an extended battle with lung cancer.  That same day, Austrian singer Falco ("Der Commissar", "Rock Me Amadeus") was killed in an auto accident.

On this date in 2001, Don Felder was fired from his position as guitarist in Eagles.

Born on this day:

Bob Marley (1945)

Natalie Cole (1950)

Axl Rose (1962)

Rick Astley (1966)

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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