Our Review Of Bruce Springsteen's Van Halen Cover!

The Boss has certainly hit upon a novel way of making the news every few days during his tour: surprise fans and non-fans alike with unusual cover choices.  Case in point: Springsteen's recent Australia/New Zealand tour saw the New Jersey native performing his own versions of Lorde's "Royals" and AC/DC's "Highway To Hell", among others.

For the opening date of his current U.S. tour in Dallas, TX, Springsteen continued the trend by unveiling a cover of Van Halen's "Jump" to close out the NCAA Final Four music festival.

As much as we may love the Boss, he's not doing himself or the audience any favors by doing a half0-assed job on, of all things, a Van Halen synth-pop tune.  These novelty covers have got to stop because, let's face it, if you pull out a cheekily unexpected cover selection for one audience, then you have to do it for everyone.  By the end of the tour, some unfortunate sell-out crowd night be witness to Bruce's head exploding when he tries to hit that high note in A-ha's "Take On Me".

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