Today In Rock History: Fact OR Fiction?

"Damn, almost forgot I was driving!  Driving what?"
FACT OR FICTION?  On this day in 1985, David Lee Roth left Van Halen, thereby setting the land speed record for rock singer's quickest transformation from heavy metal bad-ass to unemployed clown.  
Of course, he'd have you believe he had a million other things on his plate, but, here's the thing...HE DID.
He was David Lee Roth.  If he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he climbed Mount Everest.  If he wanted to make a movie, he made a movie.  Well, kinda.  See, after a highly-publicized signing with Columbia Pictures to produce the movie "Crazy From The Heat", of course, was that they gave him a huge pre-production budget that, he admits, was promptly blown on Bolivian nose candy.  As a result, the movie was never made.  Thing is, a $50 free-form David Lee Roth movie would still be better than 95% of the crap that continually tops the box office, bad rug or no.

FACT OR FICTION?  On this day in 1990, a tour bus carrying Willie Nelson slammed into a car in Nova Scotia, killing the driver of the automobile.

This story is one of those that's either me being a complete horses ass, taking Sweet Willie's name in vain, or just something that happened before the internet and somehow escaped widespread media coverage.  Still, how does such a story escape mainstream media coverage?  Even back in '90, he was a national treasure so his bus crash is gonna make news, right?  Add in a fatality and that seems like kind of a no-brainer.  Even if you might not have heard about the crash itself, you'd think you'd have run across an article about the ensuing lawsuit because you know damn well there would be one.  After all, a man died, right?  Oh wait, this is Canada we're talking about.  Never mind.

FACT OR FICTION?  On April 1, 1995, Chicago rap duo The Outhere Brothers landed at #1 on the UK singles chart with their hip-house hit "Don't Stop (Wiggle, Wiggle)".

You know, it's one thing to keep Chicago out of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but to induct freakin' Public Enemy over Chicago's own The Outhere Brothers is a cryin' shame.  Especially when you consider their UK chat dominance for a time.  I mean, most of us never see our names on a singles chart, much less at the very top, but for these Chicago sons, it happened TWICE.  Their next single, "Boom Boom!" proved the hype was real and also went to #1 like nobody's business.  It was twenty years ago today!

It turns out that all three of the above stories are TRUE!  April Fool's Day!

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