We Take A Look Back At This Example Of Great Rock & Roll Parenting Advice From Sheryl Crow!

I dunno how many years ago it was, or what new album she was promoting at the time, or why I found myself reading Ladies Home Journal (had to be a trip to the doctor's office), but I've yet to forget this sage parenting advice from rock & roll MILF Sheryl Crow.

In said article, Crow waxes "holier than thou" on the subject of happiness in life and career happiness while raising her two sons, Wyatt and Levi.  Or, perhaps more accurately, letting her nanny raise them while she's off "Putting herself first" (Rule #2) with Hollywood pal Kimberly Williams-Paisley (you know her from those Steve Martin "Father Of The Bride films and her eight-year (!) stint on ABC's "According To Jim").

Of course, then there's "Rule #3: Let Your Kids Pee In The Bushes", which reads as follows:

In the middle of our talk the nanny comes home, holding a half-asleep Levi in his carrier, while Wyatt careens into the living room. Crow: "Hi! Can I have a hug?" Wyatt: "I don't want to!" Crow: "Ooooh, let me see that face." Wyatt frowns. Crow: "Oh, that's a mean face!" Crow laughs, and then admits to giving her mom the same brush-offs when she was young. "Certain things are not worth the battle," she says. "I expect my kids to toe the line in terms of manners, but with other things -- maybe it's because of what I've been through -- I'm not so flappable anymore."
Williams-Paisley is grateful to know a like-minded mom. Her older son, Huck, and Wyatt are good friends. "Sheryl is so laid-back, she doesn't fuss over things," says Williams-Paisley. "Both of our kids like to pee in the bushes, and we don't apologize for that. I saw a sign that said, 'Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids.' We both live by that rule."

Uh, what?!  At what point does a child of privilege go from playfully peeing in the bushes to, you know, having to register with the local authorities every time he changes address?  Now, I'm not dissing Crow's talent as a performer, but she's lucky if she gets a Christmas card from her kids these days, much less takes actual pride in the sight of her sons whipping out their willies and whizzing on a bush.

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