Happy Birthday, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements!

Tommy Stinson founding bassist for The Replacements turns 47 today.  In honor of that achievement, we at The Shit will honor one of our favorite rock & roll bad-asses by treating you to Stinson's finest moment outside of the Mats.

No, we're not gonna show you some footage of him performing with Hired Guns n Roses, we're actually gonna take you all the way back to 1993 when Tommy, under the guise of Bash & Pop, hit the stage of Late Night With David Letterman to perform "Fast & Loud".

By then, the band's debut album, Friday Night Is Killing Me, had been out a few weeks and had yet to set the charts aflame.  In fact, the band itself was already starting to fracture as their support at the WB began to dwindle.  I knew this because a buddy of mine who managed a record store said that his attempts to get Warner to send him promo materials for the album had met with actual resistance and it was apparent that resources were now being channeled to other releases.  "Would you like some Green Day posters instead?"

Undaunted, Stinson lays into "Fast & Loud" with all the punk fury of early Replacements, but with a swagger all his own.  It's enough to make you think that under different circumstances, Stinson himself could have been a great front man.

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