Open Letter To "Mike & Mike In The Morning's" Mike Golic On Calling The Beatles "Overrated"!

Mike Greenberg (rolling his eyes) and Mike Golic (mouth open, ready to insert foot)
I admit it, I am a fan of Mike & Mike, the syndicated morning talk show on ESPN.

Granted, it's increasingly hard to be a fan of a show when not a week goes by where one or both Mikes are off enjoying yet another vacation day.  These guys work less than George W. Bush during his final term in office.  Unfortunately, when they are there, they seem happy to letting Cris Carter do most of the heavy lifting.  Sadly, Carter run his mouth off like a guy angling for his own show and both Mikes are only too happy for the downtime.

While I respect his talents on the field, if I wanted to hear what he thought about something, I'd ask him while test driving a 1998 Toyota Corolla with over 250,000 miles, which Carter assures are mostly highway miles.  And if I wanted to get a "C'mon Man!" (which is Keyshawn Johnson's line anyway) out of him before I left, I'd just ask to see the Carfax!


While I do not tune into YOUR show to listen to Cris Carter or any of the other ex-players ESPN trots out as a distraction from the obvious fact that the two of you have become the ESPN equivalent of an old married couple, any of those guys yammering about the Ray Rice incident is preferable to hearing either of you talk about music.

Believe me, I've done my time in the sports world...I know the kind of music that gets played in the typical locker room.  For those who don't, let me just say that athletes are not exactly known for their discerning musical taste.  By the same token, I wouldn't expect Mick Jagger to know the difference between the Steel Curtain and Blitz, Inc.

I understand that music is not everybody's first and only love, but when Mike Golic decided to declare - on John Lennon's birthday, of all days - that the Beatles were overrated, like his opinion on the subject somehow mattered, he committed the most epic of EPIC FAUX PAS.

I'll wait a moment while those of you who agree with him look up the word "faux pa".

Here's the thing, he couldn't even defend his own argument, relying instead on a bunch of tweets from viewers who agreed with him.  The first tweeter even went so far as to call the Beatles "revolutionary", which begs to be asked..."How can something that even a supposed detractor deems to be REVOLUTIONARY also be OVERRATED?"  By their very definition, those who are REVOLUTIONARY are exempt from ever being deemed overrated.

Let me put this in sports terms for you, Mr. Golic.  What you did was akin to someone saying "Michael Jordan is overrated." and not being immediately shown the door.  When that happens, there is only one correct response: you roll your eyes and call them an idiot under your breath.
Much as you may prefer Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" to "Yellow Submarine" - a song that, despite it's obvious frivolity, is still being listened to, bought, and talked about 40 years after the fact - to disregard their genius on the basis of that song is akin to dismissing Jordan's accomplishments based solely on his tenure with the Wizards.

Don't let time dull you to the greatness of those who came before you, whether they be music groups or athletes.  Joe Namath's performance in Super Bowl III isn't any less great now than it was then, but through the unstoppable passage of time, it's greatness is minimized by a new generation who, through no fault of their own, are completely unaware of it and eager to find their own heroes anyway.

I'm sure Greeny's pal Darius Rucker would agree with me.

In parting, let me just say that time passes and generational sensibilities change, but that does not make great things less great.  Do not mistake "newer" for "better", my friend, because Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" will never be a "Yellow Submarine".  I continue to be a faithful listener, but I would kindly suggest that you stick to X's and O's and leave all talk of music to those with two or fewer decades of undiagnosed concussions.

Superior St. Rehearsal Facility

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