Fuck You Cancer: Legendary Engineer George Tutko Dead At 61!

To most folks, the name George Tutko may not be immediately familiar, but chances are that if you're "of a certain age", your record collection includes at least a few albums that he personally had a hand in recording.

Tutko grew up in Streator, Illinois (81 miles southeast of Chicago) and cut his teeth in local studios before heading west where he hoped to find steady work.  By the age of 23, he'd nabbed his first engineer credit on a major label album with Rod Stewart's Foot Loose And Fancy Free in 1977.   He would go on work with Stewart regularly through the mid-80's as well as on albums for The Cars, John Cougar, Journey, Duran Duran, Cheap Trick and Kiss.

While he grabbed the occasional producer credit on Stewart's Body Wishes or Andy Taylor's Thunder, Tutko's engineering and mixing skills made producers such as Don Gehman, Roy Thomas Baker, Richie Zito and Jack Douglas look that much better at the end of the day.

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