It's Never Too Late To Get Hip To One-Eyed Doll!

I listen to and write about a lot of music.  Still, there is a literal mountain of CD's on my desk at all times that I am continually attempting to whittle down to a manageable foothill, if you will.  I mention this only because in my attempt to absorb this material while, at the same time, keeping one ear to the street at all times, I am occasionally slow in finding out about a band or album that EVERYBODY probably already knows about...or SHOULD know about.

One such band is One-Eyed Doll from Austin, TX.

The duo of singer/guitarist/goth chanteuse Kimberly Freeman and rock solid drummer/producer "Junior" (Jason Sewell) have eleven albums to their credit; of which six (including the forthcoming album Witches due later this month) have been issued under the One-Eyed Doll moniker.  Yep, only took me five albums to notice the band's campy adrenaline-fueled goth rock, but only one song to fall absolutely head over heels with easily one of the most visually and musically stunning bands to come down the pike in some time.

Of course, the visual angle is very important to the band, as Freeman is a riveting presence.  Heck, she even made Revolver Magazine's list of  the "Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock" in 2011 and 2012. Even so, it isn't so much her perceived sexiness as much as her ability to truly inhabit the character that absolutely shines in videos for "Committed", "Be My Friend" and "You're A Vampire".

Those Chicagoans already into the band (or those who are discovering them now) and itchy for a live fix will have two opportunities to see the band in April as the duo will hit Cheers in South Bend, IN on April 11 and Mojoes in Joliet, IL on April 15.

In taking a glance at their website, I was taken by their slightly unusual approach to merch, which includes, and I quote, "Something From Kimberley's Closet" for only $30.  The description informs the would-be buyer that what they receive "a shirt, some sunglasses, a hat, jewelry, a dress, bandana.. who knows? Surprises are the best!!"  It goes on to explain that those interested in purchasing something from Junior's closet will more than likely wind up with a black t-shirt.

Of course, anyone ordering will have to wait until the band returns home from their current tour, so best bet is to catch a show and grab some merch there.  I know I will.

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