Turn Your Cubicle Into A Swingin' Bachelor Pad With Brasilian Tropical Orchestra's 'The Beatles In Bossa Nova'!

If you're anything like me, a little bossa nova goes a long way. Not that its bad by any stretch, but after two minutes or so, you're so relaxed and overcome by a "peaceful easy feeling" that you are soon soaring high above the clouds on a purple unicorn named Herb Alpert with a martini in one hand and a young Rachael Welch in the other.

"OK, one more drink and then I really do have to find my pants."
As the wind blows through your luscious locks, you think to yourself life couldn't possibly be better, except for that increasingly loud snoring you hear that eventually grows so loud that you wake yourself up, only to realize the song is long over and young Rachael Welch is actually your dog asking for a belly rub.

"Yep, you have a fever of 103. We better get you into bed"
The exception to this rule would be Brasilian Tropical Orchestra's The Beatles In Bossa Nova, which, while the cover indicates it was first released in 1999, sounds straight out of the swingin' sixties right down to the last detail, which is what it's all about when it comes to bossa nova.

While most other albums that seek to present the music of the fabs in a different light can come off as a little thin in both execution and presentation, that is not at all the case here, as the BTO manage to be both inventive and respectful of the original arrangements.


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