When Heaven And Hell Collide: OMD To Open For Barenaked Ladies Tonight At Ravinia!

As a kid, I was first transfixed by the cover art to OMD's Architecture & Morality due to a vague resemblance to Simple Minds' Sister Feelings Call, which I loved at the time. Upon hearing the album, I became a lifelong fan of OMD's empirical synth-based soundscapes, not knowing that the album I was listening to would go on to be regarded as one of the greatest electronic albums ever made.

Even so, OMD are far from a household name in America even though their song "If You Leave" is forever a part of our pop culture thanks to its inclusion in a John Hughes film "Pretty In Pink". While the song was a Top 40 hit, it marked a startling change in direction for the band that split their fan base down the middle.

On one hand, it was tough watching a beloved cult band flirt with a more commercial sound, but, on the other, it was impossible to deny the hooky sophistication of albums Crush and The Pacific Age.

With OMD having reformed in 2006 and returned to a sound that is very much evocative of their Architecture & Morality days, it was alarming to hear that the band would be opening for, of all bands, the Barenaked Ladies on their U.S. tour.

This will put OMD in front of huge arena crowds full of fans vaguely familiar with their more commercial fare, giving them the opportunity to either roll out the hits or introduce them to the electronic majesty of Architecture & Morality, which they've been performing in its entirety as of late.

While its a safe bet they'll stick to their hits, its worth buying a ticket (no Youtube spoilers here) just to see which way they decide to go.

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