You Gotta See This: Robyn Hitchcock and Steve Kilbey Just Shoot The Shit And Its AMAZING!

As someone who first fell in love with Robyn Hitchcock - there, I said it - in 1986 when his Element Of Light album swept me off my feet with its brilliant-on-all-levels beatnik psychedelia as seen thru the eyes of a cockeyed British verb technician.

Four years earlier, I'd taken a chance on a poorly promoted compilation called The Church based solely on the cover art. Once I dropped the needle on "The Unguarded Moment", I was transfixed by this Aussie band full of strange musical and stylistic juxtapositions. Were they post-punk, shoegaze, or Aussie jangle pop? The correct answer, of course, was "it depends on the song".

Steve Kilbey, left, with Robyn Hitchcock
Between The Church and Hitchcock, you have some of the most sophisticated and melodic pop of the past 30 years so imagine my surprise at falling down the Youtube rabbit hole and stumbling upon this absolutely gem of a clip featuring a refreshingly direct chit-chat between Robyn Hitchcock and The Church's Steve Kilbey.

If you're a fan of either man - or both - and you haven't already seen this, prepare to shit your pants with joy.

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  1. Thank you for this one, DR. I too am a big fan of both of these guys.