Forget U2's Joshua Tree, We Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Bowie And Frampton Going In Search Of Beer In Madrid!

David Bowie acts as tour guide through Madrid while in search of beer.
David Bowie dumpster diving in Madrid, 1987.
1987 was a great year in music and, as a result, music fans of a certain age may find a lot of important 30th anniversaries worth celebrating this year - none more so than that time David Bowie and tour guitarist Peter Frampton went in search of beer in Madrid.

Those of us who are musicians know this walk well.

It's the first one we make after securing a new rehearsal space or setting up in a recording studio. Obviously capable of sending an assistant to run such an errand, it's impossible to be smitten by the Thin White Duke as he graciously greets fans and accepts uncountable autograph requests. Frampton, who has sold a few records himself, may as well be invisible next to Bowie.

Along the way Bowie acts as impromptu art guide, revealing some top-notch improvisational skills and a humility for dealing with the growing amount of interest his walk through the streets of Madrid seems to be creating. At one point, Bowie even roots through a dumpster.

The last few minutes play out like a Jason Bourne thriller minus the gratuitous CGI and constant neck-breaking and we find ourselves rooting for Bowie and Frampton to quickly and safely make their way through streets that start out promisingly enough, but soon descend into neglect and decay.

What must surely have seemed like a quick errand at the time quickly turns into a bit of a hectic undertaking for our lovable rock heroes.

Do Dave and Pete ever find their beer?

Perhaps crack open a cold one, yourself, and enjoy every second of this soul-stirring journey into the unknown.

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