Song of The Day: Flowered Up's 'Weekender'!

There are bands that, for all intents and purposes, existed for one song, where all the diverging elements that otherwise created calamity or, worse, mediocrity, came together in such a way that the results were perfection and you never wanted it to stop.

No one song fits this description better than Flowered Up's "Weekender", a magnificently hallucinogenic track that takes "48-hour party people" to task and clocks in at just over twelve minutes. The genius of the band, and producer Clive Langley, was, first, to embrace what the song was telling them by just letting the tape roll while the band lost themselves in a groove that would ultimately place them on the cusp of breakout stardom.

Of course, it could have just as easily never happened at all after the band flatly refused to edit the song down to a manageable length for release as a 45 rpm single, forcing an already frustrated London records to drop the band outright.

With band and song back in the supportive arms of Jeff Barrett's Heavenly Records (where they'd been prior to signing with London), an 18-minute film to support the song was directed by Wiz and the resulting single would rocket to #20 on the UK pop charts.

Sadly, the album from which the song was taken, A Life With Brian, had been stalled by their departure from London Records and the band would break up before releasing a follow-up single.

Keyboardist Tim Durney would later surface as keyboardist for Republica, who enjoyed hits with "Ready To Go" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" in the late '90s. Singer Liam Maher and guitarist Joe Maher would both die from drug-related causes in 2009 and 2012, respectively.

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