Jamiroquai Return With Futuristic Smash 'Automaton'!

It isn't enough that a '90s UK band returns from a seven-year sabbatical re-energized and re-focused, but that they do so with great songs that make the whole exercise worthwhile. Sadly, this happens so rarely that we've come to view such comebacks as half-baked attempts to reclaim past glories.

Mind you, if you'd have told us months ago that the first song to come along this year that gives us "the hit shivers" would be a track from Jamiroquai, we'd have probably asked you to hand over your car keys and let somebody else drive.

The song itself is a pulsating future-pop stunner called "Automaton" that quickly recalls Daft Punk at their "Get Lucky"-est, but, by the second listen, slowly reveals additional nuances that quickly make you forget all about such similarities to the helmet-wearing duo.

Speaking of helmets, the video for the song was directed by Charlie Lightening and is an absolute treat for the eyes from start to finish, marked by the appearance of an unusual helmet of sorts with moving limbs and a multi-color glow.

The song is the title cut to the band's first album in seven years, produced by Singer Jay Kay and keyboardist Matt Johnson (not the one from The The) and is due March 31.

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