Monday, May 7, 2018

Rumors + Sh*t: Stevie Nicks & the Heartbreakers To Tour With Oasis + Lindsey Takes The Mac Split Hard!

As far as rumors go, if I hear something once, it goes in one ear and out with a little asterisk next it. I hear it twice soon enough to still remember the first and I circle that asterisk with a red pen purchased for just such an occsion. Third time, I  need to tell someone because, 75% of the time, that shit pans out.

So, here's the rumor:

"Stevie Nicks and The Heartbreakers summer tour 2020. Oasis as support."

My inner child's (a.k.a. I follow him on Twitter)) response: "2020?! But that's so far awaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Granted, I am still the kid who, at 3:55PM on December 10 of every year tries to sleep his way clean through to Christmas.

But then I draw upon my own experience in the tour biz running merch and being amazed at how far in advance the big tours are planned. I'm talking 18-24 months in advance. Shirts are printed 8-12 months before a guy like Bruce hits the road, which means if you want the merch gig, you'll pony up a chunk of change to help them gauge your interest and then not only print, but store that shit like its a stack of gold at Fort Knox because, to your company, it is.

Soooo, the "2020" part I find believable. Stevie Nicks, among others, will probably want a summer off after this little Faux Mac travesty.

Speaking of which, it appears "Lindsey" Buckingham is taking the news of his firing harder than expected:

Turns out there is a growing #IStandWithLindsey movement that has papered most of Hollywood so if you had hopes of grabbing some golden rod in the greater 213 area code, good luck, It appears that Lindsey, er, "some fan" hung most of it around town while you were asleep.

Is anyone else suddenly nostalgic for the days when Kinko's locations were more plentiful than Starbuck's?


As for that kicker: "Oasis as support"...

It would be just as good a rumor without the mention of an opener, but becomes a lot more rooted in reality the more you roll it around in your head.

After all, the more summers that flitter past without the Oasis reunion that we all know is coming, the more apparent it becomes that Noel is looking for just the right fit. What that means is a headliner that can handle most of the heavy-lifting, ticket-wise. A support slot like this, in golf parlance, would be like John Daly getting paid to pal around with Tiger Woods all summer.

Every summer brings at least one tour that falls into the "strange bedfellows" category. Styx and Joan Jett are this summer's head scratcher.

Can I wait until 2020 to see Stevie lose her mind fronting the best damn band in the business?

Hell yes, as long as I'm not the one printing up the t-shirts.

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