Tret Reznor Makes Multitracks Of Dragon Tattoo Songs Available For Download!

Coming hot on the heels of being snubbed by the Oscar folks for what is easily the most ambitious film score of the year, Trent Reznor is making the multi-tracks (or "stems') for five songs from Dragon Tattoo available for download.

The songs - "Great Bird Of Prey", "Oraculum", "Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome", "The Heretics", and "You're Here" are available HERE.

Those expecting (or hoping) to see Reznor's riveting re-working of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song" available should know that, since it isn't a Reznor composition, he does not control the rights to the song. Bit of a bummer, yeah, but these five tunes are a great insight into Reznor's musical mind.

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