Matthew Sweet Moves To Nebraska, Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Album!

"You had me at 'Bear claws'!"

Last we checked in with Matthew Sweet, he was knocking out an album ever 18 months or so as one-half of the covers duo Sid n' Susie, with Bangle Susannah Hoffs.  As for his own solo career, his last effort was 2011's Modern Art; an ambitious, adventurous record that his career could have used back when he thought Altered Beast was a worthy follow-up to Girlfriend.

It wasn't, of course, and Sweet's solo career has slipped into a rut of diminishing returns ever since.  Of course, he was fortunate enough to know Hoffs, whose future husband was directing a little known film called "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and needed someone to help Mike Myers bang out some movie-specific tunes.  I dunno how much cash he made off of co-writing "BBC" for the flick, but his modest L.A. home had a swimming pool and, well, mine didn't.

What led him to return to his home state of Nebraska, though, is probably a great story in itself and more than likely speaks to the growing reality that one no longer needs to be living in L.A. to work in the film or TV music industry.

Here's hoping Matthew makes his goal and that, in a few short months, we're all abuzz about Matthew sweet's best album since Girlfriend!

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